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Companies Critical to Our Success

Full Script - Click here for 25% off each order placed

MicroBalance- EC3 and more!! Use coupon code "BUDGET" to get 10% off (1 use per customer)

Envirobiomics- Extremely accurate detection of Mold, Mycotoxin, Endotoxins and Actinomycete

Microbiology DX- MARCONS testing, contact for physician code to order

Air Oasis- The absolute best air filtration for your home!!

Truehealthlabs-  Get the right blood work ordered without the need of your Dr. approval

Directlabs-  Another option to get general bloodwork completed

Happsy-  Discounts change daily for mattresses and pillows

Lyme Herbs-  Use coupon code "Z29IR5UH" for a 5% discount on the highest quality herbal tinctures available 

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